Hope for recovery from Bipolar?

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, you've come to the right place.

A note from the author, Michael Rose M.A

Keys to hope

I have suffered from Bipolar Disorder my entire life – and have dedicated my career to finding the path to health, wellness and self fulfillment. I am proud to say I have survived – and survived happily! In my books, I share my experience and a step-by-step wellness and nutrition guide.

I hope to offer guidance and support to all those still on their journey. Please feel free to order my books, join webinars, or contact me for any reason at all.

Hope to hear from you soon. Michael Rose, M.A

Our Mission | A new approach to achieving high level recovery.

My goal is to create a new concept of recovery that is focused on growing a healthy space, a middle ground between the highs and the lows. I call it the Mid-Polar Zone. It has taken me more than 40 years, since I was first hospitalized for bipolar illness, to heal, grow, and develop this system.

A "Life Raft" Book

This book is a survival manual for anyone who has bipolar illness. It is written from the trenches by someone who has suffered all the indignities this illness can heap on one’s life and who has survived—and survived happily.

Recently recognized with two Silver medal awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and the Foreward Reviews Indies Book of the Year contest, the book has captured the attention of leading researchers in the field of psychology, particularly because of the claim that bipolar disorder is a nutritional deficiency disease. Rose, who has a high level of recovery from Bipolar Disorder according to his doctors, wants to share what he has discovered with others. Over 1,000 copies have already sold on Amazon and in bookstores.

The Bipolar Wellness Recovery Journal

An evidence based approach to recovering from Bipolar illness, in simple, actionable steps!

Drawn from over 30 years of personal, professional and medical experience, the Recovery Journal is a guide to the 'Geography of Bipolar Illness', with action worksheets and step-by-step systems to achieve recovery.

Testimonials and Reviews

Reviews of Michael Rose's works and writings

“For those wanting to save years of trial and error, Bipolar Wellness is the most comprehensive book I have ever read for practical help on how to actually treat bipolar illness- bar none. From the Recovery Action Sheets at the end of each chapter, to scientific research on supplements to sad and hilarious stories, the author has managed to weave a healthy blend of very useful data research, real life stories and practical tips. You won’t regret it. Buy this book!”
Gabriel Alexander Reed
Bipolar Peer
“Michael Rose has written an essential book of guidance, more of a life raft, for sufferers with a disorder afflicting millions: bipolar illness. Few have even an inkling of their personal power to balance their feelings states and their lives. Rose speaks from vast experience and deep expertise. Bipolar Wellness will stand as one of the most influential self-help books of our times, and psychiatrists and psychologists should hand it out liberally to their patients.”
Dr. Eric Diamond, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist, Director of the Gainesville Men’s Center
“Michael Rose’s insightful mental health recovery program offers an insider’s understanding and advice to help overcome bipolar illness. In fact, this book is a practical addition for anyone wanting to develop successful strategies for all kinds of mental wellness. It is a delightful work of genius.”
Leslie Kott
Registered Community Health Nurse, Administrator and Educator

Is Bipolar Wellness for you?

Transforming Bipolar quality of life

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Learning to cope with stressful times

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Bipolar Wellness: The Book Structure

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Bipolar Wellness focuses all resources on creating educational content and providing personalized solutions and support for people around the world struggling with Bipolar Disorder. 

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Bipolar Wellness is registered 501c-3 non profit organization who’s mission is to create a new concept of recovery that is focused on growing a healthy space, a middle ground between the highs and the lows.
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