Bipolar Disorder Disrupts Your Life, Whether You Are Young, or Old, or in Between.

There is a breakthrough bipolar treatment using natural, nutraceutical supplements. This may allow you to take a lower dose of some medications and eliminate others. Entering a Bipolar Wellness coaching program can change your life, being more productive, happier and more easier to live with.

Michael Rose, M.A., a professional counselor and licensed nutritionist who suffered from bipolar disorder himself, and has cracked the code to recovery. He has learned in the school of hard knocks, just like you. He has used his training in psychology and nutrition to transform Bipolar Illness into Bipolar Wellness. As an alternative bipolar treatment specialist, he can show you how.

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You’ve spent years feeling misunderstood, maybe also misdiagnosed. Nobody in your life understands why you’re like this. Often, you don’t even understand yourself. The wild bursts of panoramic, expansive highs, the agonizing stretches of painful lows. Often, you can’t get out of bed and still feel wiped out, lose any motivation to shower, get dressed, or cook dinner, swinging between exhilarating joy and crushing depression. It is a significant strain on your life, family, and relationships. You saw your psychiatrist and took the meds, hoping that finally, finally, you would start feeling more like yourself. But the standard therapy for bipolar disorder often has horrible side-effects. What if you could feel like yourself instead of a washed-out version of yourself?


This is a coaching prgram for people with Bipolar Disorder who want to learn how specialized natural supplements and easy lifestyle changes can help them feel like their best selves.

Michael Rose M. A. made it his mission to find another, better solution. As a nutritionist, he spent years researching and collaborating with dozens of psychiatrists and scientists around the world. And it’s now been proven that Bipolar Disorder can be treated with specific varieties and distillations of polyunsaturated fatty acids, chosen from among dozens in that classification. We call them “Nutraceuticals,” or substances that are natural to the body, and you may simply not synthesize or absorb them correctly or in the right amounts. When combined with psychiatric medicines, these polyunsaturated fatty acid distillations allow for fewer medicines to do more work, and you have fewer side-effects.

As a Masters-level Teaching Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist, Addictions Counselor, Board Member at a Peer-Run Psychiatric Recovery facility, and a retired Florida Licensed Nutrition Counselor, Michael Rose M.A. says,

“I have written about this treatment extensively in my award-winning books. Now, I am offering one-on-one coaching, so you can learn how this miraculous treatment can work for you.”

You’ll learn what this is, how to educate your doctor about this breakthrough, and how to track if it’s helping, So you can stabilize your moods, have more energy, find the new you by moving from Bipolar Illness to Bipolar Wellness. You will find you can go and do all the things you really want to do in life.

“I have been conducting research in this area for over 20 years and there is now abundant evidence that bipolar disorder, as well as other major psychiatric illnesses are associated with significant polyunsaturated fat deficiencies. I strongly appreciate Michael Rose's efforts to increase the public’s awareness about the importance of specific supplements carefully chosen, from dozens of different polyunsaturated fatty acids. We have shown that they can be used successfully for the treatment, and potentially prevention of psychiatric disorders including bipolar disorder.” ​
Dr. Robert McNamara
Dr. Robert McNamara
Professor of Psychiatry, Bipolar Disorders Research Division, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

“The power-packed coaching will show you how you can incorporate these supplements into your current treatment plan, along with lifestyle changes that are easy to make, but make a huge difference. Michael will make a bipolar treatment plan tailored just for your energy and mood patterns, including nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, and modifying your educational or vocational goals.”

 What will I get from the coaching?

  • Supplements tailored to your energy levels and mood swings.
  • How to find and purchase the correct supplement (with or without a prescription).
  • Real-life case studies backed by research, showing Bipolar sufferers who were able to reduce the number and dosage of medications and transform their lives.
  • How to work with your doctor—because Michael never advises anything without your doctor’ full approval. (Includes reports, abstracts and studies for your doctor to read)
  • How to conduct a simple test for your current levels of this nutrient; how much you need and how much you should take.
  • Keep track of how well the new supplement is working for you. Keeping track is so easy but so important; each person’s dose is totally individual.
  • Additionally, you will learn why there is limited popular research or publicity about this breakthrough treatment.

Bipolar Disorder may well be a nutritional deficiency disease like Pellagra or Beri Beri, and how these mysterious diseases were only cured when doctors who could think outside the box saw the link between nutrients and the disease

Get answers to all your questions, with access to everything practiced in the past three decades…

  • Expert, hand-holding guidance.
  • Easy-to-digest information.
  • Non-judgemental, supportive environment.

Is this coaching for you?

  • “I want to stop defining myself by my symptoms.”
  • “I am NOT my bipolar.”
  • ‘I want to feel calmer.”
  • “I want to feel more energetic.”
  • “I feel like nobody really understands what I’m going through.”
  • “My meds make me feel unnatural, like I’m not myself.”
  • “I spent hours on Google looking for tips, and nothing really helped.”

Where does this coaching take place?  Is this bipolar treatment near me or an online bipolar treatment?”

None of the above!

Michael prefers to conduct his bipolar coaching sessions by phone, where he will evaluate your energy through the sound of your voice, a specialty training he received in his master’s psychology practices.  You will find Michael to be an effective bipolar life coach, a real bipolar specialist.

Is it Expensive?

Not at all, actually a 2 month program with a complete evaluation and weekly followups is less than the cost of a dental filling.  Payment programs available from Stripe can be as little at $26.99 a month

"To say Michael Rose is a Miracle Worker is not an exaggeration. I've been on several different Antidepressants and Bi-Polar medications for over thirty years... and in the past few years none have had much effect and I have had long periods of complete despair and agoraphobia. Streaming Video 10-12 hours a day.... Just when I was resigned to accept my situation a friend suggested I get in touch with Michael Rose... found how reasonable his services were that it was easy to make this decision... (a newly developed Bi-Polar medicine was offered for $1000. a month and might cause weight gain, for instance.). Michael reviewed my medications and supplements... made a few adjustments and "prescribed" a few supplements... Well, within a week I rose from quicksand to functionality... I've been sober for years and study Yoga ...TaiChi... & Meditation... but these supplements really took me to a higher level of compassion for myself and a place not fearful or suspicious or resentful of People... Places & Things... and I have more focus and follow through on whatever I am doing... Within a while (with the approval of my Psychiatrist) have reduced the strength of my anti Anxiety medication )... I highly recommend you follow Michael's program... so simple... inexpensive and incredibly effective."
Jasmine G.
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